Datasets & Publications

EndoVis 2023

SIMS: Surgical Instrument Multi-Domain Segmentation Challenge
PitVis: Surgical workflow and instrument recognition in endonasal surgery
SurgToolLoc: Surgical Tool Localization in endoscopic videos
Syn-ISSSynthetic data for Instrument Segmentation in Surgery
SurgRIPE: Surgical Robot Instrument Pose Estimation

EndoVis 2022

SurgToolLoc – Endoscopic surgical tool localization by leveraging tool presence labels
CholecTriplet2022 – Surgical Action Triplet Detection and LocalizationCholecTriplet2022: Show me a tool and tell me the triplet – an endoscopic vision challenge for surgical action triplet detection
SAR-RARP50 – Instrumentation segmentation and Action Recognition on robotic RadicalProstatectomy
SimCol-to 3D: Simulated Colonoscopy data for 3D (scene) reconstructionSimCol3D – 3D Reconstruction during Colonoscopy ChallengeSynapse Project
SurgT – a challenge for tissue tracking in surgerySurgT challenge: Benchmark of Soft-Tissue Trackers for Robotic Surgery
P2ILF – Preoperative to Intraoperative Laparoscopy Fusion

EndoVis 2021

HeiSurf: HeiChole Surgical Workflow Analysis and Full Scene Segmentation
GIANA: Gastrointestinal ImAge ANAlysis
CholecTriplet2021: Surgical Action Triplet RecognitionCholecTriplet2021: A benchmark challenge for surgical action triplet recognition
FetReg: Placental Vessel Segmentation and Registration in FetoscopyFetReg: Placental Vessel Segmentation and Registration in Fetoscopy Challenge Dataset
PETRAW: PEg TRAnsfer Workflow recognition by different modalitiesPEg TRAnsfer Workflow recognition challenge report: Does multi-modal data improve recognition?Synapse Project
SimSurgSkill: Objective Surgical Skill Assessment in VR SimulationObjective Surgical Skills Assessment and Tool Localization: Results from the MICCAI 2021 SimSurgSkill Challenge

EndoVis 2020

CATARACTS Segmentation2020 CATARACTS Semantic Segmentation Challenge
MIcro-Surgical Anastomose Workflow recognition on training sessions (MISAW)MIcro-surgical anastomose workflow recognition challenge reportSynapse Project
Surgical visual domain adaptation: from virtual reality to real, clinical environments (SurgVisDm)Surgical Visual Domain Adaptation: Results from the MICCAI 2020 SurgVisDom ChallengeSynapse Project

EndoVis 2019

Robust Medical Instrument Segmentation (ROBUST-MIS)Heidelberg colorectal data set for surgical data science in the sensor operating room

Comparative validation of multi-instance instrument segmentation in endoscopy: Results of the ROBUST-MIS 2019 challenge
Synapse Project
Stereo Correspondence and Reconstruction of Endoscopic DataStereo Correspondence and Reconstruction of Endoscopic Data Challenge
Surgical Workflow and Skill AnalysisComparative Validation of Machine
Learning Algorithms for Surgical Workflow and Skill Analysis with the HeiChole Benchmark
Synapse Project

EndoVis 2018

Gastrointestinal Image ANAlysis (GIANA)

Surgical Workflow Analysis in the SensorOR
Synapse Project
Robotic Scene Segmentation2018 Robotic Scene Segmentation Challenge
CATARACTSCATARACTS: Challenge on automatic tool annotation for cataRACT surgery

EndoVis 2017

Gastrointestinal Image ANAlysis (GIANA)
Surgical Workflow Analysis in the SensorORSynapse Project
Robotic Instrument Segmentation2017 Robotic Instrument Segmentation Challenge
Kidney Boundary DetectionKidney edge detection in laparoscopic image data for computer-assisted surgery

EndoVis 2015

Instrument segmentation and trackingComparative evaluation of instrument segmentation and tracking methods in minimally invasive
Automatic polyp detection in colonoscopy videosComparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
Early Barrett’s cancer detection
Detection of abnormalities in gastroscopic images